DAPHNIS Picc Practice #1

Ok. So Tonight I feel like I made one step forward and twenty steps backward practing the picc part of Daphnis.Posting this because it may help others out there understand this process  because somehow it never is easy.(Understatement of the night)

In a nutshell:Here is how it stands at the moment……

1. The first birdcall at  156 is going great ( at least something is)…. It sounds pretty bird-like and I am pretty confident that I know it. One small step forward……

2. the solo at 159 where I  forshadow the real big famous flute solo later on ( it…. the picc one … is supposed to be offstage but I am not being asked to  do that… and I take it most people  aren’t) I am working really hard to get nuances on the “A” resolving to the fourth beat F#…. and to be totally in control of the opening scales where I am trying to stess the first three notes( the A,B and C natural.) Also trying to have enough air left on the final E so that I  do  not cut it short. So far not too happy with this one…. on step backward!

3.Sort of have the twelves at 163 and 168 down … but only IF I practice them every day…. otherwise they disappear. I guess this goes neither forward nor backward…..

4. Getting to The Really hard Parts now….the  Big Picc Solo at 183 just defies me. I can play it a 132…. the speed it goes  at the start (it is supposed to get faster) BUT Making it SOFT as the conductor wants it is not always happening…VERY frustrating. Practicing double tonguing endlessly…. forward tonguing it and then trying softer tonguing in the back of my upper pallette. Nothing is helping… also practing Trevor’s picc practice book for soft high register picc …. excercises…. definitely one step backwards for this one.

5. All the Dance sixteenth note passages…. well some of them are improving…. some of them I can do at 120-132…. some of them I can do at 140-152. ALL OF THEM have to be  at 168 !!!!!! Take at least two steps backward!!!!!

I have  two  weeks off from NEP rehearsals to get this all down….. ( AND……There are other pieces also on this concert  that I have to practice too)and almost a full month before the actual concert….. stay tuned to see if I get ahead of it or not…….And if anyone out there in “FLUTELAND” has any good suggestions to help make this process less frustrating … don’t hesitate to email me. I am open to ANY help here…….



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