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I currently  teach flute lessons in three locations: Creative Arts Community Music School in Reading, MA; For the Andover After School Music Program at Andover High School in Andover, MA; and in my home in Andover.


I use and teach by the Suzuki Flute Method Books 1-2 for all my Beginner Students. This Method involves having a very committed parent who can and will attend all lessons, take notes, and help their child with practice at home. The Suzuki Philosophy stresses a triangle of instruction: the teacher, the parent and the child all working together to build a strong musical and educational future for the young musician who is studying in this Method.Therefore strong parental involvement is absolutely essential for flute students in this Method to be successful.If you are interested in your child taking beginning flute lessons with me please do consider this aspect  before you contact me for lessons.


I transition all my Beginner Suzuki students to a more Traditional Intermediate Method of teaching depending upon individual student needs sometime  in Suzuki Book 3 or 4. My Beginner students learn completely by ear and must memorize and perform all 17 songs in the Suzuki Flute Book 1 before they can move on to Book 2 where I introduce music reading. By the end of Book 2 all of my students must be able to read music fluently

At the end of Suzuki Book 3 or 4… depending upon the student,  their age and their musical needs and development …. all of my students move into a Traditional Advanced  flute instruction model.(see below) I do not usually use the Suzuki Flute Books past Book 4 because of various reasons; among them being that most of my students at this level are in Public School Band Programs….. and participate in District and All State  competitions….. plus being active in local Youth Flute Choirs and Youth Orchestras where the repertoire that is demanded of them is different from the Suzuki series of repertoire in Books 5-14.

There are exceptions to this however… most markedly one being currently a student who is studying with me in Suzuki Book four…..  and who I plan to continue in the Suzuki Flute Books because he is blind and this Method works very well for him.


My advanced students follow a program of studies that includes: daily excercises for tone, and techinque; a weekly etude from standard etude books such as Berberguier, Andersen, Garibaldi and Altes etc: and all students work from standard scales Books at this level such as the Taffanel-Gaubert Daily Excercises, the Reichert Daily Scales and or the Moyse Daily Excercises; and I also include repertoire which includes solo pieces, orchestra studies and flute duets.

I strongly encourage all of my advanced students to audition for local Youth Orchestras and Flute Choirs and to attend my annual flute camp every summer.(See the White Mountain Flute Conservatory.) Many of my students go on to major Music Schools and Conservatories. Many have become professional musicians and are currently working successfully in the field of music education and professional musical performance. Most of my students if …..they do not continue into professional training …..do however continue to perform on their flutes even while studying in other fields in College  and even eventually working in the “real world” too in other fields….an outcome  which gives me great pleasure when I hear from them later on …..

Skype Lessons

I recently added teaching flute lessons by Skype to my studio at home and am currently teaching this way . Please contact me directly at judy.braude@gmail.com  if you are interested in taking Skype lessons.

Audition Prep

I also take short term students for specific reasons such as preparing for College and Conservatory Auditions. P{lease contact me at the above email address if you would like to consider this.

Annual Recital

All of my Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students participate in my annual end of the year recital. We form a large flute choir at the end and traditionally perform the Pachebel Cannon en mass at the conclusion every year. All students also perform a solo by themselves…. usually with piano accompaniment. Summer lessons are optional. However since many students attend the White Mountain Flute Conservatory many also only take lessons to prepare for that. I usually do not teach the month of August giving my young students what I call a “needed break and a chance to be kids” and giving me a chance to “recover”!


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